Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quick Tip: Make your own Breadcrumbs

Last night I was making my Spinach Turkey Meatballs and realized that I was out of breadcrumbs.  Rather than going out to the store, I made my own!  FINALLY, a use for the end pieces of the loaf of bread!  It does not get any easier than this guys!

I keep my bread in the refrigerator, no specific reason really, I just do.  So with that being said, I needed to extract the moisture from the bread pieces in order to make the breadcrumbs.  Here is how to do it.

Start my preheating your oven to 300.

Next, lay the bread pieces on a baking sheet, place in oven for 5 minutes.  Once the 5 minutes is up, flip the bread pieces and cook an additional 5 minutes.

The bread should be dried out by this time, remember, you aren't making toast, you are trying to extract moisture. 

Once the pieces are dry, break them up into small pieces and place in a food processor OR a (clean) coffee grinder.

Grind away until you have breadcrumbs! Wa-La!!  

I then put them into a labeled zip-top freezer bag and store them in the freezer.  You now have homemade breadcrumbs at hand!

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