Monday, July 9, 2012

Quick Tip: How to Store Chipotle Peppers in Adobo

As I am sure you have noticed, a few of my recipes call for chipotles in adobo. The amount needed is usually pretty minimal which leaves you with 3/4 of a can left. Here is a quick tip on how to store them in your freezer for use up to 8 months.
After opening the can and using what is required for the dish you are making, take the remaining peppers in sauce and chop the remaining peppers removing the seeds (if desired - this is where the heat is in a pepper). 
Next, label and date a freezer zip lock bag and put the chipotles with the sauce into the bag, after closing the bag (air pushed out), flatted the sauce and peppers through out the bag. Then lay the bag flat in your freezer. 

Once you need chipotles for your next dish, simply break off the needed amount and place back into your freezer. You will see that there is no thawing time needed because of the way they were stored flat. 

Looking for a recipe to use up your chipotle peppers? Try one of these recipes: Chipotle Glazed Chicken & Sweet Potatoes; Chipotle Carrot Turkey Burgers.
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