Friday, June 22, 2012

Re-Grow Store Bought Celery & Properly Store it

Hey Mom, look what I can do! 

Celery is a very versatile vegetable, best of all it is a negative calorie veggie.  DEFINED: A negative calorie food is a food that is purported to require more food energy to be digested than it provides.

Today I am going to show you two very awesome things: 1) How to make your celery last 10 times as long in the refrigerator and 2) How to simply re-grow celery in your own kitchen.

How to make your celery last

Start by removing the celery from the plastic bag.  Cut the celery at the bottom, approximately 2 inches from the base (save the end, do not throw away). 

Next, take a piece of tin foil, lay it out on your counter and place the celery stalks on the foil, wrap tightly.  Place the wrapped celery in your vegetable/fruit crisper. That is it!

The celery will remain crisp and last for weeks!

How to re-grow celery

What you will need:

Medium sized planting pot
Soil, I use Miracle-Gro – Organic Choice Potting Mix (purchased at K-Mart)
1 Celery Base (saved from above step)


Fill your pot with soil, above ¾ of the way leaving approximately ½ inch at the top.

Place the celery base in the center of the pot on top of the soil, securing it but not pushing it in too deep.

Cover the celery with soil, approximately ¼-½ inch deep.

Water, but do not drown.  Place in a sunny area and within 2-3 days you will start to see re-growth.

To determine whether or not you should water it, stick your pointer finger into the soil, if it is dry up to your knuckle, it needs watering, if it is moist still, it is fine.

See! How easy was that? Now you can enjoy saving yourself some money and also enjoy your healthy food that you grew yourself!

Listening to: Blake Shelton - Honey Bee

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