Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick Tip: Freezing Bacon

Unless you are planning a large breakfast or brunch for a group of people, it is usually a waste to buy a whole package of bacon when you only need a slice or two.

Freezing slices individually is a simple solution to this problem and also ensures that you can have bacon on-hand for dishes like BakedBacon Egg and Cheese with Spinach.

You will be thankful you discovered this time and money saving tip. 

Start by laying a long piece of plastic wrap out on the counter. Next, place one slice of bacon on the end of the plastic wrap, flip the plastic over the bacon, place another piece of bacon on top of the plastic and repeat the back and forth until all your bacon is wrapped. Finish by wrapping the bundle up with another piece of plastic wrap.

Place in a large zip-lock bag and freeze. Don't forget the label and date it.

When you need a slice for cooking, just unroll the bundle to expose the top layer of bacon and break it off by pulling up on the plastic! 

Since bacon is so thin and fatty, it will thaw in a few minutes at room temperature while you're preparing the other ingredients for your meal.

This is a great tip to remember when you see the buy-one-get-one free deals at the grocery store! 

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  1. This a GREAT tip! I must admit I was sceptical but it REALLY works and keeps bacon fresh so you dont have to cook it all! :)