Monday, June 25, 2012

Caprese Salad with Cucumbers

Light, flavorful & healthy all in one bowl!

If you are like me, I always have extra basil hanging out in my kitchen.  This is one of the easiest salads to create and one the the most flavorful!  I like to add cucumbers for added taste of freshness.

One of the most convenient things about this salad is you can easily make it for 1 or 10 by modifying the amount of each ingredient. 

Here are the simple steps. 

Caprese Salad with Cucumbers


cherry tomatoes
mozzarella cheese 
fresh basil
balsamic glaze
olive oil

*the amount of each ingredient should be equal parts* 

Cut the cucumber, tomatoes and mozzarella into small bite size pieces and the basil into tiny strips. 

Put the cucumber, tomatoes and mozzarella into a bowl.  Drizzle with balsamic glaze and oil, season with salt to taste and top with basil.

See, it doesn't get easier than this!!  Also try adding this to a bed of lettuce with a few pieces of grilled chicken for a light yet filling salad. 

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